Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Backwards Bowler Takes Baton Rouge By Storm

Specifically for those of you who like an oddity, this story may just "strike" a chord: http://www.bowl.com/articleView.aspx?i=10669&f=1

IF you look deeper into this, you can actually view a news report which shows this guy, who actually averages better than 180 and has recorded a 279 game.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Aaron Gets It On

All of us here at Asynchrony have unique talents (some more desirable than others), but few of us are gifted -- and courageous -- enough to share them with an live audience full of strangers, including television viewers. That's what makes Aaron "Marvin" Molitor's recent performance of Let's Get It On in Harrah’s Lucky Break impressive -- and he won!

Aaron was one of 32 weekly winners who will go on to compete for one of eight semi-finalist spots. Those are eventually narrowed to three finalists and then one winner. As a weekly winner, he received two cardinal tickets, a one-night stay and dinner for two at Harrah’s St. Louis, a $50 gift certificate to Michael Genovese Jewelers and to top all that off $50 in gift certificates to Dairy Queen. I guess we know who's buying lunch.

So Aaron, we know it's much more than the glorified karaoke contest you claimed it was, it's a chance for your co-workers to privately make fun of you while viewing your performance on our desktops. We salute, you, Mister Casino-Talent-Search-Contest Winner!

(Seriously, though, Aaron's quite a singer -- check out the video.)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Great Moments in Asynchrony History

On this date, 2002:

PDA Defense support specialist Darren "Radar" Ruotolo responds to an urgent customer email, replying "We apologize for any incontinence you may have experienced."

This Great Moment in Asynchrony History has been brought to you by Microsoft Spellchecker: "Transforming your mistakes into bigger ones."