Thursday, April 14, 2005

Impress Your Date with the Postmodern Essay Generator

You can use this Random Postmodern Essay Generator to create a randomly generated essay that uses so many big words that no matter how educated your date is, she probably won't realize that what you're saying makes absolutely no sense. She'll want those "smart genes" in her kids and you may just get lucky. Check out this quote from one of the essays I found/created:
"Society is intrinsically responsible for sexism," says Baudrillard; however, according to Geoffrey[2] , it is not so much society that is intrinsically responsible for sexism, but rather the fatal flaw, and some would say the absurdity, of society. Therefore, the subject is contextualised into a conceptual narrative that includes sexuality as a paradox. Scuglia[3] holds that we have to choose between precultural nihilism and the dialectic paradigm of narrative.
Pure gold right there buddy.


James said...

Nice! Is that something Arthur did on The Tick?

SuperWes said...

No, but I feel that he should have.