Friday, May 25, 2007

Strategic error doomed

Nate just forwarded this email to a couple of us who've been around long enough to remember the revolutionary software incubator that was
From: "DevGalaxy Support"
Date: May 25, 2007 7:19:55 AM CDT
Subject: Increased Odds "5 star award" from



Due to the number of downloads that your product had from our users and based on our own review we decided to grant your product with the DevGalaxy "5 Stars Award". This means that "Increased Odds" is highly apreciated and already in the top of the searches.

You must be proud of this award and you should let all your users or potential users know about this by displaying it on your website, or on software boxes inside your product.

You can read more about your product's award on our website:

For displaying your award use the following details:
Web site URL:
Software URL:
Award Html Code:

DevGalaxy - Free Sofware Downloads


If you have other software products that you want to get an evaluation for, feel free to request it by sending us an email at:

Best regards, Team

I checked out the site -- a whopping 1068 downloads! And here we were spending all of our resources pushing PDA BombDefense. Man, we misjudged the market for lotto apps.

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