Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Defense Systems highlights Asynchrony's SOA work at USTRANSCOM

Defense Systems magazine had a good article about Asynchrony's SOA work at USTRANSCOM. Here's a snippet with a quote from Steve:

The prescriptive architecture is due for delivery in the fall of 2009, said Steve Elfanbaum, Asynchrony’s president. But it won’t take the full length of the contract for new Web-based capabilities to come out, or for the transition architecture to be fully defined.

“People (in USTRANSCOM) are already clamoring for new services and want to use what we have now,” he said. “So as things come out of this process, as the various templates and standards fall out, we’ll start to use those as soon as we can.”

That's textbook agile philosophy, providing value as soon as possible. Who says government contracts can't be done agilely (or at least more agilely)?

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