Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Environmentally friendly, reusable story cards

Besides conversation, nothing beats the tactile, low-fi index card for communicating story information. And for environmentally friendly story cards, nothing beats this invention (well, we're not really sure it's an invention in the strictest sense) by Asynchronite Dan King: The Lamindex Story Card. As the name implies, it's a laminated index card that can be used and reused for countless stories and countless projects.

They're relatively cheap to make (just go to Kinko's if you don't have your own laminator or teacher friend), though Dan advises getting the "special kind" of laminate for easy cleaning.


woopie said...

I believe they are called Lamidex Cards.

kPg said...

Is your blog carbon-neutral? It can be! Just follow the link. =)