Friday, March 04, 2005

Creative marketing opportunity for Asynchrony: Produce an Irish Film!

It only seems logical that Asynchrony should want to tap into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. And, of course, I have just the plan to do it.

What better way to get our name out than to produce a movie? An Irish filmmaker is offering on eBay a spot to appear in a documentary about Irish baseball. According to the listing:
The producers of "The Emerald Diamond" invite you to put your name and face on the big screen. High bidder is guaranteed a spot in the film and the title of "Executive Producer" with number one billing in the credits of the film.
As of this posting, the bid was at a reasonable $1,000. I can't imagine a better return on investment. So here's my proposal: The company pays the auction bid, and I'll assume all costs to travel overseas and fulfill the obligations for the film. I'll wear my Asynchrony "Join the revolution!" t-shirt on-camera, and my black "Code for love and money" one when I'm kicking back on the set or in the trailer. I would be happy to share the screen credit as "Asynchro Philip."

Better yet: We're in the process of promoting our new HUBzone company -- let's kick it off with a major-motion picture credit and a simple name change: O'Synchrony. Bidding ends in eight days!

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James said...

It looks like ebay pulled the auction.