Thursday, October 09, 2008

Another published Asynchronite!

Some of you may have already heard: Shawn Sheldon is the latest Asynchronite to become a published author. Tate Publishing recently released his children's novel, Stranded, the first book of his Dragon Ship Series. From the site:
"That night was another restless one. Actually, it was the worst one of my life to that point. I knew I had better get some rest if I was to have any hope of managing the day that was coming for me the following morning. What kind of day you ask? Let’s review. Tomorrow I would need to secretly explore the Blue Goose site gathering intelligence information, lead my brother and sister and four other children in play, and rescue my dog Snowball—a pretty tall order for a twelve year old; I think anyone would have to agree! In Stranded, the first book in the all new series The Dragon Ship Series, written by Shawn Sheldon, follow a boy and his brother and sister on their unusual Christmas vacation. Their backyard adventure leads to both frightening and exciting encounters with intelligent dragons, Bigfoot, and ‘pet’ robots. A mystery begins to unravel as they discover that the common link involves an amazing space ship, hazardous waste, and even their own family history. Will they be smart enough and brave enough to meet the challenges they discover?
Congrats, Shawn! Bring your copy to the third floor, and he'll autograph it for you!

p.s. Yes, those are his kids on the book cover.

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