Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Google Chrome, Zimbra and you

I started using Google Chrome when it first came out but quickly reverted to Mozilla Firefox 3 because the advanced version of Zimbra didn't work on Chrome. When I polled the company about whether anyone else could get the two to work together, here's what I received:
"No. And it's really annoying. I believe they have some js in the page that looks for IE 6 or 7 and Firefox browsers and anything else gets the standard view."

"yes and no. I am using Chrome, but the Ajax version doesn't work. I am using it anyway, because I have run into issues with the Ajax version in Firefox."

"Last time I looked there were some issues with it and both google and zimbra were looking into it."

"I have been using Chrome for a while, and it always uses the standard version no matter what version you pick. I'm guessing here, but suspect that Zimbra doesn't recognize the browser so it doesn't understand whether or not it has AJAX support, so it launches the safest (standard) version no matter what you choose.

Another thing to note here is that Zimbra Standard has some things that don't work properly (and there are AI's already in ACE about them). For one thing you can't download e-mail attachments (it produces an invalid URL in the download link). For another, if you create a public calendar entry (i.e. "Out of Office") via Chrome, nobody else can see it but you. There are probably other limitations, but those are the only ones I've seen so far. Other than that Chrome & Zimbra seem to work together okay - albeit limited by what the HTML version can do."


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