Thursday, January 29, 2009

Asynchrony honorably mentioned as Great Place to Work

St. Louis Magazine has an article that notes something that those of us who work at Asychrony already knew: Asynchrony is a great place to work. We received an honorable mention in the publication's January issue highlighting the area's Great Places to Work. Sure, our "Employees play Halo on two 40-inch TVs," but we're got several of the other perks that other companies have, and some that they don't. Like flexible childcare, pet-friendliness, FFASHH, and, of course, the free lunches. That chinese food in the first-floor refrigerator was for everyone, right?

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booch said...

What is FFASHH? Even Google doesn't seem to know. If you're going to coin a new term, you should explain it for a while until it catches on. ;)